A tinfoil saturday circuit

A tinfoil cicuit

My daughter is pretty feverish at the moment. Everything seemed dark and empty, so me and my son decided to help her bringing back some light.

What you need

Building it

There are two ways to create the circuit from the tinfoil. Either you cut out the circuit from a page of the tinfoil, which leads to the best results because it is well connected. Or you have two kids who wants to tape a lot, and so you create a lot of single lines and tape them together.

In any case make sure you leave a space for the led.

space for led

The led, as you may know, has two different long legs. The longer one is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the shorter to the negative.

Taping the tinfoil to a paper

Once everything is connected, create a switch by folding the hard paper, and fix some tin foil to the bottom.

a tinfoil switch

The best part about it - it’s simple enough to be build be a kid lying on a couch with fever.

When everything seems dark, playing with electricity can bring some light.