1&1 MyWebsite

Management, Lead, Change Agent

The 1&1 Internet SE is part of the United Internet SE and the second biggest webhosting company in the world.

Matthias started at 1&1 helping the 1&1 MyWebsite division creating a new culture that is based on Ownership and Trust as well as implementing a continuous integration pipelines for the teams. By helping a multiple division spanning team establishing a workflow, and working with the senior management to establish a resource allocation that will allow this setup, a self-organized team was able to implement a docker-based continuous integration and deployment pipeline inside a 15 year old legacy environment at minimal costs. Matthias helped the senior management in the development of cross-functional teams, establishing a squad model with shared ownership models and in parallel establishing new workmodels by helping the department in switching from svn to a git-based workflow. Providing foundations on how the teams could find out on how to increase their velocity he spend 2 years in taking over teams and help them to become self-organized teams without further need for a teamlead. Other projects included setting up a safe continuous integration pipeline, experiments with Behavioral Driven Testing, A/B Testing/Releasing models, first microservices approaches where possible and better ways to develop and deploy the monolithic legacy systems. He also worked on Home of Products, an initiative to more efficiency handle the provisioning of new products (i.e. MyWebsite, Wordpress, Servers…) in all verticals of the United Internet.

He helped introducing TDD, BDD (based on Cucumber), Design Thinking processes, agile, squad models and Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment.

Furthermore Matthias ran some internal management training courses and participated in company wide projects for employee satisfaction, i.e. helping in creating a tool that allowed people to publicy say 'thank you' to others on the corporate intranet.


  • MyWebsite
  • Support Reorganisation Division
  • Leading a squad