A photo of a blond caucasian girl studying for her major, sitting at a desk with a laptop and a book. The girl is wearing a futuristic band around her head, which is connected to the laptop. The book has holographic characters that float in the air above the pages. The photo is realistic, bright, and colorful, and has a caption that says 'The future of programming is here'. Generated by Dall-e 3

Why your grandkid won’t be learning any programming language for their computer science major

Programming languages are one of the most fascinating inventions of human history. They allow us to communicate with machines, instruct them to perform complex tasks, and create amazing applications that enrich our lives. But their time is over...


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What's the difference between Monoliths, Microservices and Serverless, and when to use which

Ever wondered about the differences between Monoliths, Microservices and Serverless Architecture, and which one you should chose?


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Stop Writing JavaScript

So called modern web development has made websites worse, slower, and heavier. Read on to find out why server-side rendering isn't the solution to a problem that single page applications have created, and why you really, REALLY, should start to write less JavaScript code. (Yes, that includes TypeScript)


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Why AI will not have the impact you expect

When talking about AI, many people are concerned about being replaced by machines. Others hope for much more free time. Looking at the past technological disruptions, though, both are probably wrong.


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Making remote leadership work Part III: Working with individuals – helping the face behind the chat window

Leading remotely is arguably harder than leading face-to-face. Here are some tips and tools for running your one-on-ones and other individual conversations in a remote setting in part 3 of the 'Making remote leadership work' series.


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Making remote leadership work Part II: The minimum toolset

An effective remote leadership strategy requires a minimum toolset to facilitate communication and collaboration among team members. This toolset typically includes email, chat, video conferencing, project management, and document-sharing software. In the second part, we will make sure you have the infrastructure you need to lead remotely.


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Making remote leadership work Part I: what you need to know

Are you struggling with leading remotely? This article series offers tips and strategies for making it work. I'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and how to foster a strong team culture even when your team is distributed. From communication tools like email and chat to work tracking tools like Jira and Trello, I'll cover the essentials for leading a remote team effectively. Don't let remote work hold you back - read this article series and learn how to make remote leadership work for you.


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A code example of the js pipe operator from the article

Why the New JS Pipeline Operator Is a Terrible Idea

Functional programming styles have some advantages, like predictability and great debugability. Those rely on well-defined patterns that implicitly avoid that you end up shooting yourself in the foot. The newly proposed JavaScript pipe operator comes without this protection and has a good chance of introducing hard-to-understand code and bad bugs. Here's why.


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A fizzbuzz implementation in rust

A fizzbuzz example: specialisation vs reusability

One of the more difficult decisions in software development is choosing between specialised and reusable solutions. So let us look at both and see if we can understand when to use which.


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Functional example of pipes in Python.

The beginners guide to why some people prefer functional programming and others object-oriented

For a few years now, discussions rage on between two seemingly different programming paradigms: functional and object-oriented. But what are the reasons some people prefer functional and is there a clear winner?


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