My name is Matthias Kainer. I'm a Software Developer, Manager and Consultant. This site will help you to get an idea about what I do , who I am , what I accomplished in my career , and some more stuff about me.

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A cucumber test for Aruba

Testing Scripts With Aruba and Cucumber

Testing your bash scripts ain't easy. As testing their unit is tricky by design, I searched for something to test their behaviour and looked at BDD for the terminal.


#BDD #Bash #zsh #Aruba #cucumber

Logging your the errors in your browser

Logging browser script errors with nginx

Javascript errors for you users might get lost if you don't log them. This post is showing a very easy way to get to them, without requiring users to call you on the phone.


#console.error #javascript #log #browser #logging #error

The clock watch of the dashboard

Playing around with webcomponents

I've forgotten more about javascript frameworks than most people learned about. Most frameworks were working around shortcomings of HTML and javascript at that time. Web components are a set of tools to remove a lot of those shortcomings, so let's take a look at them.


#webcomponents #custom elements #js #shadow dom

Developing matthias-kainer.de in vscode

A Hidden Relaunch - Replacing a lot of jQuery code with some CSS

Technology moves on. And my website fell behind. Without any visible changes, I replaced 1MB Javascript with 700 Byte, replacing jQuery Plugins with CSS.


#jQuery #CSS #Animations

Handmade bristlebots

Children birthday party with spider-bristlebots

Our kids are birthday-wise pretty close, and only one year apart. Wouldn't it be a great idea to combine the parties? In hindsight, it was a pretty bad idea inviting so many kids at once, but at least we build some bristlebots.


#Make #Toy #Toothbrush #bristlebots #spiders #Halloween

LED Stripe in action

Getting Started With An Arduino Nano and a WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Stripe

There comes the moment in every's Arduino programmer life when 1 LED is not enough. As always, the next feasible step from one is 60, but controlling a set of red, green and blue LEDs to represent the 8bit color array is slightly more difficult then one would expect.


#Make #LED RGB #WS2812B #Arduino

Annika, the two eyed robot

Annika, the autonomous chaos driver

In a desperate attempt to prove my kids our robomover is stupid we collaboratively created an indoor version with an arduino. This is when I learned that kids are too noisy for ultrasonic sensors.


#Make #Toy #Arduino #vehicle

A tinfoil cicuit

A tinfoil saturday circuit

When your daughter is sick, and her life seems to be in darkness, let's use tinfoil, a 3V and an LED to bring back the light


#Toy #LED

A docker-composed picture frame

Cloud Based dockerized raspberry picture-frame with NextCloud and Balena Cloud

How many docker containers do you need to create a picture frame for a raspberry pi? The answer is 3, obviously. With BalenaCloud, WPE and nodejs we are creating a simple random image slideshow in the most complicated and awesome way.


#BalenaCloud #Raspberry #PictureFrame #Docker #NextCloud

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DNS with integrated AdBlocking in the local network

There comes a moment in every local network where you have to remember 255 IP Addresses. Which is easy. The hard part is remembering what device is behind what IP. Domains can come to the rescue, and why not creating an internet without Ads while we are at it?


#Rapberry PI #pi-hole #nameserver #DNS #Adblock

What is it I do?

I'm playing around with software since I was 8, and was lucky enough to make this hobby my work.

I was founder of two companies, and worked with some german and international companies as Software Developer and Manager, most notably Microsoft, AutoScout24 and 1&1.


Who am I

I'm a dreamer, who loves to dive into a chaotic, complex environment finding the best way to optimize the system. I'm a coach, helping people to develop themselves, and work in a group. I'm a manager, who is striving to create teams that do not require his management. I'm a developer, who loves to write code and make the world a little easier. I'm a dreamer, hoping to improve the world.

Also I'm into sport, married with children and love my life.


Where I've been, where I am

During my career I worked on a lot of projects in a number of companies. Click on the images for more information.

Companies & Projects


I'm a regular speaker on conferences in Germany, mostly around the topics organizational development, agile and teambuilding (i.e. in 2017 on the ScrumDay) and successful DevOps and agile implementations using bottom-up change processes (i.e. in 2017 DevOpsCon and XP-Days). I published the article “Reinvent your workplace” in the iX in 2016 with a collegue at 1&1 following a talk on the continuous lifecycle conference around how to change a department in both technical and organizational dimension.

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